“It made no sense to anyone at home,” Thuso Mbedu on her choice of acting career

Thuso Mbedu speaks about how her family felt about her choice of an acting career.

The South African actress was visited by Hollywood Authentic: Breakfast club team at her house in the US.

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She was interviewed about her career, family, life, and her next project.

In a video shared, Thuso could be heard saying she is new to Hollywood but had a career before delving into Hollywood.

Speaking about how her family reacted to her choice of an acting career, Thuso began by talking about her mother and grandmother’s careers.

“My mother had wanted to be a geologist. That was her heart, that was her interest. But because the [apartheid] system didn’t allow it, she became a teacher who taught maths, sciences and geography. Under that system, you could become a teacher or a nurse. My grandmother was actually a high-school principal. But we were the first generation who had the option to be doctors or to be whatever it is that we wanted to be. And that was expected of me. And then I chose the arts, which made absolutely no sense to anyone at home.” Another burst of laughter, but this is one of genuine joy, because, of course, things have gone rather well for her,” she revealed.

“Yes, but having told her that I didn’t see myself in an office or a lab coat doing a nine-to-five, my grandmother didn’t talk to me for about a month, because she really believed that I wouldn’t be there for the family.”

However, Thuso Mbedu said she was raised well and she’s inspired by her granny and sister.

“But our grandmother did a very good job raising us, as hard as it was.” And, obviously, her grandmother is where her drive comes from. “Yes, yes. And my sister and I are super, super close now, especially since our grandmother passed away the year after I finished university and we realised we only have each other in this world.”

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